I’m on the hunt! For a critique partner that is…

I’m at the point in my writing career where it’s getting more difficult to ignore the fact that I need an honest and unbiased opinion (sorry friends and family).

If you fit the bill for the requirements listed above please reach out to me! I would love to meet you and discuss how we can help each other!

For those of you who are new to or unaware of what a critique partner (CP) does its real simple: they critique your work. What do they critique? Well, whatever you want.

KM Weiland has six great tips to get you started on what to expect from and how to work as a critique partner (the main idea here is that the two of you trade works and offer constructive advice on each other’s writing).

In a nutshell those six tips are:

  1. Experience: you want to have the same, or slightly more, years of experience in your writing career.
  2. Likability: compatible personalities and work ethic.
  3. Professionalism: take your job as CP seriously. If you can’t live up to their expectations, or your own, be upfront about it, move on, readjust your expectations, and start again.
  4. Loves your story: compatible taste in genres, style, and voice is a plus but not necessary.
  5. Similar genre: either enjoys reading or writing in the same genre as you do; helps with finding comps (comparative titles) when querying as they may have read other books in your genre that you haven’t discovered yet.
  6. Similar habits: what’s your writing schedule like? How about your speed and response time to emails, assignments, and/or work projects?

So there’s a rough idea on how to get yourself organized when finding a critique partner, as well as what you are expected to give in return.

Next is what I like to call The Interview. You may have found a few people who would seem like they are what you’re looking for in a CP, but interview them just in case. It’s been recommended to me to do a trial run (trade one or two or three chapters, heck why not a query letter or synopsis) with your potential CP.

Stephanie Carmichael has six questions you can ask before committing to your CP relationship:

  1. What kind of critique schedule do you have in mind?
  2. How often do you want to check in?
  3. Where are you from? (…for safety reasons please be nonspecific about where you live. This question is mostly to establish method of delivery for critiques)
  4. What software do you use to critique? Also, How would you prefer to receive your critique notes?
  5. What kind of critique are you looking for? Big picture stuff? Mechanical fixes? All of the above?
  6. The dump… if you’re letting them go are you doing it for the right reasons?

How would one find a CP you ask? Easy! Social media is your best bet; don’t limit yourself to local writer friends, but if you find one nearby then that’s great!

  • Twitter: find CP’s through writer hashtag games, tweet something out into the writer void and see what happens, or be bold and DM (direct message) someone.
  • Facebook: writing groups, author pages, etc. (Always ask permission before posting in these groups as the page will have certain rules for this kind of thing).
  • Meetup App: helps you find writing groups in your area.
  • Old Reliable: aka Google.
  • WordPress: or you can do what I did and make a cool picture/poster and blog about what you’re looking for in a CP.

I hope this was helpful! Good luck to you in finding a CP. 🙂



New Year, New Blog Posts?

I haven’t written anything since May 30th of last year. I tried focusing on my writing, reading more, and spending more time with family. Not to mention trying to finish our basement that’s been in the remodel stage for 9 YEARS.


Realistically I need to create and stick to a schedule that suits my lifestyle. And I just haven’t found it yet. I’m open to suggestions though.

I have high hopes for this year, including but not limited to:

  • Writing 2 novels
  • Editing 4 novels
  • Creating blogs
  • Reading 75 books
  • Outlining 2 novels

It’s very ambitious but if I can accomplish these things it will be an amazing year.

I’ve started two of the things on this list. So far I’ve outlined and started the first chapter to one novel. And I’ve read 5 novels.

First novel I finished was THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak. Then I moved on to the MISS PEREGRINE’S PECULIAR CHILDREN series by Ranson Riggs and I noticed a few similarities between the two books which I thought was pretty cool. Even made an aesthetic board to show a few of these similarities.

The little blonde girl at the bottom left was a stretch, but then the connection came to me: one girl hungry for knowledge through books, the other whose head is literally hungry (she has a mouth in the back of her head if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

Well, that’s it for now. Feel free to tell me how your writing is coming along.


Reading and Writing Progress

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, so I thought I’d share my reading progress. 

I made a reading goal on Goodreads to read 50 books for the year. So far I’ve read 34 and I’m currently well on my way with the 35th. To see what I’ve been reading click here

While I was exploring Goodreads I found some cool data about my reading goal. 

The number of pages I’ve read by year:

The number of books I’ve read each year (what the heck happened in 2016 I have no idea):

The books I’ve read by the year they were published and the year I read them:

I thought those things were kinda neat. I accessed this data on the Goodreads website, not the app, by clicking My Books at the top left side of the page then clicking Stats on the left side navigation column. 

As for my writing progress…

I haven’t done much mostly because I’ve been waiting on feedback from beta readers. The MS right now is 72k and 201 pages in Word and will grow from the feedback I received. 

I asked my beta readers to keep in mind the following while reading (authors probably don’t do this normally, but this was necessary for me for certain reasons):

  • Chapter lengths – short, too long, just right?
  • Diction – does it read well? does it read like a young adult novel?
  • Dialogue – not awkward/forced? natural?
  • Mr A’s stories – do you need to know more about him? less? 
  • Mr A in general – how is his character overall? does he sound too far fetched?

I’m thinking of handing out the MS to one more beta reader to check for grammar and punctuation errors while I rewrite a few scenes, add some details, and do my own editing. Overall I’m happy with the feedback I received and I’m looking forward to getting back to writing. 

Until next time. 

Happy Writing!


Editing Progress #19

Horror Novel:

  • Word Count = 68, 565 (5, 526 words added!)
  • Pages = 192 (14 pages added!)
  • Chapter 13 = written and edited! Words = 5, 361; Pages = 13

One more chapter to write and edit then I’ll be all set for Round 2 and 3 of my editing process. How’s your writing going?

Until next time.

Happy Writing!


Editing Progress #18

Horror Novel:

  • Word count = 63, 039 (2, 998 words added)
  • Pages = 178 (9 pages added)
  • Chapter 11 = written and edited! (3, 008 words and 8 pages)

Two more chapters to write and edit. I’ve managed to write and edit chapter’s 10 and 11 in a day so I’m hoping to do the same for 12 and 13. I also chopped chapter 10 in half (14 pages was too long) and brought up my total number of chapters to 30.

Word count goal is still 70k or higher and I’m only 6, 961 words away from that goal. 6, 961 words should equal two more chapters.

Until next time.

Happy Writing!

Editing Progress #17

Horror Novel:

  • Word count = 60, 041 (2, 377 words added)
  • Pages = 169 (6 pages added)
  • Chapter 10: written and edited; 5, 517 words overall; 14 pages double-spaced!

There’s one chapter done, only three more to go! Look at that word count. It’s so beautiful!

I’m hoping to start and finish Chapter 11 tonight. It’s a bit ambitious but hey, I think I can do it.

Until next time.

Happy Writing!


Editing Progress #16

Horror Novel:

  • Word count = 57, 664 (1,897 words added)
  • Pages = 163 (4 pages added)
  • Editing Chapter = 10 (well, I’m really writing a whole new chapter then editing it)

Nearly done with chapter 10 then I will edit it and move on to chapter’s 11-13.

70k here I come!

Until next time.

Happy writing!