Editing Progress #18

Horror Novel:

  • Word count = 63, 039 (2, 998 words added)
  • Pages = 178 (9 pages added)
  • Chapter 11 = written and edited! (3, 008 words and 8 pages)

Two more chapters to write and edit. I’ve managed to write and edit chapter’s 10 and 11 in a day so I’m hoping to do the same for 12 and 13. I also chopped chapter 10 in half (14 pages was too long) and brought up my total number of chapters to 30.

Word count goal is still 70k or higher and I’m only 6, 961 words away from that goal. 6, 961 words should equal two more chapters.

Until next time.

Happy Writing!


Editing Progress #17

Horror Novel:

  • Word count = 60, 041 (2, 377 words added)
  • Pages = 169 (6 pages added)
  • Chapter 10: written and edited; 5, 517 words overall; 14 pages double-spaced!

There’s one chapter done, only three more to go! Look at that word count. It’s so beautiful!

I’m hoping to start and finish Chapter 11 tonight. It’s a bit ambitious but hey, I think I can do it.

Until next time.

Happy Writing!


Every Minute Counts

It was over. It seemed to last for just an instant, yet it was the best he ever had. And what made it all worth it was that her husband was expected to be home soon and he had finished just in time. 

She lay on the bed, not bothering to move after that satisfying intimate encounter. He smiled to himself. She would need a few hours to recover from that.

However, he could not dwell on what was now in the past, exciting as it was. He had to hurry or else their little fling would come to an abrupt end. 

He would not have hurried if he knew her husband was a coward. He could have taken the husband if he was, but he wasn’t. It turned out that her husband was the instructor for a pro-wrestler. He did not want to be here when that man came in the door.

The man put on his suit jacket and shiny black shoes. The woman sighed a goodbye and he grunted his. Once downstairs he fished for his car keys in his pants pocket but came up with nothing. He shrugged and checked the other pocket. Nothing there either. The front inside pocket also came up empty. 

No need to panic, he thought. They have to be here somewhere. He checked the kitchen. The room did not yield any results either. The bedroom was unresponsive as well considering the many outcries which had gone on just before.

Now he was starting to panic. Where could they be? He wondered. He knew he put them somewhere close by so he would be able to have a quick getaway if time was running short. Yet, they were nowhere to be found.

The dining room. Nothing. Living room, study, garage all came up with nothing. Time was running out, her husband would be home soon, and he was an hour away from home so it was not a good idea to walk. He could not run fast if her husband caught on and decided to run after him for a nice little chat. He had to find those keys and fast.

He rummaged through the sheets, the jackets in the hallway closet with no success. His keys were nowhere to be found. Sighing in defeat he resolved to call a cab. He grabbed his trench coat and reluctantly put it on. Sighing again he put his hands in his coat pockets and was just about to head out the back door when his fingers struck against the jagged edges of metal. He had found his car keys and with not a moment to lose. He heard the sound of a car’s motor in the front driveway. Her husband was home. 

The man quit the house out the back and managed to get the door closed without a sound when her husband walked in the front door.

Her husband loosened his tie and dropped his car keys on the kitchen table. His wife must be upstairs, he thought. The poor thing, she must be tired after a long day’s work. He went upstairs with the roses he bought from the flower shop down the street to give her some solace from her tough day. He was about to reach down to hug her small frame, which was propped up in bed with a pillow, when an unfamiliar piece of cloth that was hanging from the bed post caught his eye.

Her lover had forgotten his tie.

Editing Progress #16

Horror Novel:

  • Word count = 57, 664 (1,897 words added)
  • Pages = 163 (4 pages added)
  • Editing Chapter = 10 (well, I’m really writing a whole new chapter then editing it)

Nearly done with chapter 10 then I will edit it and move on to chapter’s 11-13.

70k here I come!

Until next time.

Happy writing!


Editing Progress #15

Horror Novel: 

  • Word count = 55, 767 (1,927 words added since last Thursday!)
  • Pages = 159 (4 pages added to the Word document with normal margins, double-spaced, Calibri size 11 font)
  • Chapters edited: 23-26 out of 26 (total count will be 29 after a few scenes are finished and polished)

The first round of edits is mostly done (about 90%). I am writing four more chapters to give the middle of the story a little more bulk. I’ve already tidied up loose ends throughout and checked plot consistency. I have two more run-throughs to do after these four chapters are complete and edited. 

As a bonus, here are the titles for the four chapters I’m writing:




Progress, progress, progress!

Until next time.

Happy Writing!


Editing Progress #14

Horror Novel:

  • Word count = 53, 840 (+304)
  • Pages = 154 (+2)
  • Chapters edited = 21 & 22 (out of 26)

The end is nigh! I might aim to finish this first round of edits tonight as there are only 23 pages left to go. I can’t wait to finish this WIP.

Until next time.

Happy Writing!


Old Man Gossip

Old man Bob was sitting calmly on a local park bench drinking his discount coffee when his good old friend Old man George comes wheezing up the trail waving his cane wildly in the air. He obviously had something important to tell his dear old friend.

“So did you hear about Jerry?” George wheezed, sitting down hard on the park bench and mopping his head with a bright red handkerchief.

“No,” Bob replied, setting down his coffee. “What happened?”

With an excited look on his face and a questionable look from his friend, George told Bob the exciting news that had been travelling around the Old folk’s home all morning. 

“Apparently Jerry’s wife was cheating on him…”

“No way,” exclaimed Bob. “I didn’t know Jerry’s wife still had life in her that old cow. She seemed so….shriveled up.”

“Yeah, everyone else thought the same. But this time was different.”

“This time? You mean she’s done it more than once?”

“Yeah supposedly this has been going on for months.”

Bob gaped at George. It was impossible, he thought. Jerry must have overstocked his sleeping pills to be able to miss something that seemed so…obvious. It’s not every day that a woman of Jerry’s wife’s age could sneak around behind everyone’s backs. When did she have time between all her appointments and with all those watchful nurses around?

“So anyway,” George continued. “When Jerry caught her he went into a screaming rage.”

“Really? Usually that guy’s so relaxed.”

“I know eh?” George wheezed. “So anyway, he starts throwing chairs around the lunch room and is yelling his head off.”

“He didn’t hurt anyone did he? And he especially shouldn’t be throwing stuff around with that new hip replacement he had.”

“No, no. No one was hurt, and Jerry seemed fine. After his little episode he took his car keys from the nurse’s desk and left. Went to a pub downtown. Drunk his old ass off.”

“Oh boy, this is serious. That man hardly drinks at all. Must have been real upset.” 

Bob ran his fingers through his gray hair and breathed a heavy sigh.

“Well,” sighed George. “How would you feel if you caught your wife in bed with your mistress?”