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October Goodreads Giveaway – NOW CLOSED

October 3rd to midnight on October 11th, 2016

ENTER HERE: Existence giveaway on Goodreads

September Contest (Online Only) – NOW CLOSED

It’s time!

The contest is now open for you to enter and try to win a FREE SIGNED PAPERBACK COPY of my book Existence – The World of the Undead.

To enter you must:

  1. Tell me your name (First and initial of last name)
  2. Where you live (ONLY Province/Territory/State and Country)
  3. Your favourite book (limit of two if you really, really, really have trouble picking just one)
  4. Answer this question: Who would you choose as a companion to survive a Zombie Apocalypse with and why?

For Question #4 you can choose someone real (living or dead) or someone fictional. There are lots of interesting people and characters out there so be creative!Here’s an example of what your entry should look like:

Megan H.
Ontario, Canada
Emma by Jane Austen
I would choose Darrell Dixon as my companion to survive a Zombie Apocalypse with because he has some great moves with a crossbow, he’s a great hunter (he can even hunt for moonshine), and he’s nice to look at after killing ugly and smelly zombies. Plus he’s survived this long on The Walking Dead so he must be doing something right.

All entries should be e-mailed to For the subject line please write My Entry for Existence Contest.

This contest is open to everyone on the planet Earth.

The contest will run from noon on Monday, September 19th to midnight on Friday, September 30th. 

I will announce the winner at noon on Saturday, October 1st.

Tell your friends and family, or other authors and bloggers. Help get the word out about this amazing and free contest!

August 12th – LAUNCH DAY!

July Facebook Contest – NOW CLOSED


OK, the first person to collect the most points or the first person to correctly guess (or come close to guessing) the cover for my book will receive a FREE SIGNED 18X24 POSTER of the actual cover for my book!!!!!

Here are the guidelines:

5 points if you answer the following questions correctly…

  1. The colour of the font…
  2. Position of the title: top, middle, bottom, centred, justified, etc.
  3. My name: did I use my full name? Initials? A pseudonym? Where is it on the cover?
  4. Who or what is on the cover itself? Details please…
  5. Colours used overall?

10 BONUS points if you correctly guess parts of the cover (but not all of it)…

AUTOMATIC WIN if you guess the ENTIRE COVER correctly, and I mean everything from the position of the title, the images used and their correct placements, the location of my name (if used at all), the colour of the font, etc.

Please post your guesses in the comment section of this post.

The contest will run from Monday, July 18 to Friday, July 22. I will post the winner at 6:00pm Friday evening.


To give you an idea of what my book is about read the excerpt below. Keep in mind this is written for Young Adults and it is a Horror/Sci-Fi novel.

“Over a hundred years into the future, humanity has reached the point where it would rather eliminate itself into extinction than risk becoming infected by what they think is a virus. Mutated creatures, born from the virus and human blood, roam the Earth in search of food – human food. When it seems all hope of saving the human race is lost, rumours circulate about a New Government who claim to have found a “cure”.

A young woman named Margot, armed with only a samurai sword, enters the woods alone knowing she may never come out again. In a sudden face to face battle with a man she followed in the hopes she could steal his food, Margot realizes she’s too weak to fight back and waits for him to kill her with his deadly crossbow.

Three days after her capture, the man offers Margot food and water after forcing her to promise she won’t run or try to kill him. Suspicious of his sudden gesture of kindness, Margot resolves to run at the first opportunity. However, the more time she spends with him the less she wants to run away, regardless of the many secrets he is hiding from her. She begins to trust him, something she’ll have to learn to do all over again after being alone for so long.

It’s not until they come across an abandoned house surrounded by huge a metal wall does Margot start to suspect she’s put her trust in the wrong person. A scientists journal is found and the horrible truth behind the virus is revealed. Margot has to figure out exactly who her mysterious companion really is before it’s too late.”