About the Author


This is the personal (and somewhat professional) blog for author Megan Hood (that’s me!).

I first began writing in high school, but never actually finished something until I decided to try writing a full novel in 2016.

I’ve written many short stories, some blurbs, poetry, and a plethora of tweets and facebook posts, but what I really wanted to do was write a novel. Possibly two. Okay, maybe a trilogy…or a saga?

Anyways, in January 2016 I found my muse (her name is Edie; pronounced E-dee) and I wrote my first full length novel. It took me two months to write (I started January 2 and finished the first week of March) and another three months to edit. I found a publisher sometime in May and they agreed to publish my book as long as I helped to market it. I had a marketing plan and stuck to (most of) it. Marketing is hard ok…

I enjoy writing books in the following genres: fantasy, science fiction, horror, adventure, romance…well, anything really.

My first book is to be published by Netherworld Books (an imprint of Mirador Publishing) in 2016. Check out my Book page or Merchandise page for buy links.

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Publisher Info: http://www.netherworldbooks.com


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