About the Author


This is the personal (and somewhat professional) blog for author Megan Hood (that’s me!).

I first began writing in high school, but never actually finished something until this past year (2016).

I’ve written many short stories, some blurbs, poetry, and a plethora of tweets and facebook posts, but what I really wanted to do was write a novel. Possibly two. Okay, maybe a trilogy…or a saga?

Anyways, in January 2016 I found my muse (her name is Edie; pronounced E-dee) and I wrote my first full length novel. It took me two months to write (I started January 2 and finished the first week of March) and another three months to edit. I found a publisher sometime in May and they agreed to publish my book as long as I helped to market it. No problem there; I have a big girl website and everything!

I enjoy writing books in the following genres: fantasy, science fiction, horror, adventure, romance…well, anything really.

My first book is to be published by Netherworld Books (an imprint of Mirador Publishing) in 2016. I will fill you in on the details on how to purchase said book once I have them (soon!).

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Publisher Info: http://www.netherworldbooks.com


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