Editing Progress #19

Horror Novel:

  • Word Count = 68, 565 (5, 526 words added!)
  • Pages = 192 (14 pages added!)
  • Chapter 13 = written and edited! Words = 5, 361; Pages = 13

One more chapter to write and edit then I’ll be all set for Round 2 and 3 of my editing process. How’s your writing going?

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Elemental Reign

​Long ago, before the race of man was born, the four elements were the sole protector’s over the Earth. The original four, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, chose which parts of the planet they would take under their rule. 

Fire would govern the heat of the sun, the temper of the volcanoes, and the breath of the dragons. 

Water would govern the tempest of the seas, the chill in the wind and the clouds, and the quiet of the streams, rivers, and lakes. 

Earth chose to govern the movement of the mountains, the slumber of the rocks, and the richness in the dirt. 

Air chose to govern the stirring of the clouds, the swiftness of the wind, and every flutter of a birds wings.

Each Element governed their parts well and together made the Earth thrive under their rule. The animals and the plants lived well under the watch of the four elements and everything was peaceful for thousands of years.

Soon, there came about a new race; the race of man. Man was born from the richness of the dirt so it was the element of Earth who noticed their arrival first. Earth told the other elements of this new species and together they watched the growth of Man.

Being a new species, Man was helped to survive by the four elements themselves. Fire gave Man the secret to his element and this helped man to stay warm and cook their food. Water told them the secret of where to get the cleanest and purest water from the lakes and rivers and calmed the seas when they travelled. Earth gave Man the secret to find means to build shelter and also showed Man how to grow their own food. Air gave them the secret to knowing which way the winds will blow so they could travel across the sea and land at great speeds.

In the beginning, Man was very thankful for these gifts. Offerings and sacrifices were made to the elements, and later to other gods, and the elements took pride in the development of Man. In the beginning, Man respected the gods and the gods respected Man.

As the race and knowledge of Man grew they became selfish and vain in their demands from the gods. As the most popular race Man felt they deserved to be masters over all the other races on Earth. Sacrifices were laid before the gods and Man begged the gods to make them lords over all the Earth and the knowledge it possessed. The four Elements saw the hubris of Man and the problems this would cause and denied their request. 

That was the day Man turned their backs on the gods.

Although they were denied the knowledge and the power of the Earth, Man decided to take it for themselves. First, they claimed parts of the Earth for themselves; if the land resisted they destroyed it. Second, they claimed lordship over all the other races on Earth especially the animals; when some of the races and animals resisted they were also destroyed. The dragons, gryphons, mermaids, and many other races were among the few who resisted Man the strongest. Unfortunately Man destroyed these races which also destroyed any knowledge they could have learned from them. The heroics of these races now only live on through myths and legends of Man.

The four Elements saw Man’s destruction of their poor Earth and decided to punish the once promising race. When Man no longer thanked the gods for sharing their knowledge each element punished Man each time they used the knowledge the gods gave them and did not thank them properly.

When Man abused their knowledge of fire to destroy the homes of the races which resisted them, Fire decided to take her revenge. Fire made Man fall asleep around an unattended fire one night. She enticed one young and rebellious spark to flirtatiously dance with the dry grass on which some of them had decided to lay on. Fire allowed her element free reign on the dry grass and many died; but still Man thought they could outsmart the gods.

Water then decided to try his might on Man. Since Man abused the knowledge which Water gave them and polluted the waters which they ate and drank from, Water was determined to drown Man in the same water they had contaminated. While crossing a seemingly calm sea, Man rode the waves contently and without worry. Suddenly, giant waves rode up on all sides of the ship surrounding the shocked and frightened Men. Water purposely held the waves threateningly high over the ship then brought them crashing down on the ship. Many men, young and old, drowned but only a few took the Elements’ warning to heart.

Air was hesitant about his revenge. Few Men knew how to take his element for granted, but he saw the damage they caused when using the power of the other elements. So he decided to take a mild, but firm, approach when he took his revenge; he decided to bring brutal winds and fierce tornados to the villages of the Men who were especially unforgiving and ignorant towards the gods. Each hurricane and each tornado destroyed the homes and the lives of the Men who lived there. A few more Men bowed to the gods again out of renewed fear, respect, and humility; but many still sought to conquer the gods. Thusly did Air have his revenge.

A much as Fire, Water, and Air felt that each of their powers were being abused by the humans, none of them were being abused more so than Earth. Her element, her secrets, was being taken for granted most of all because it was she who provided the means for them to survive. And it was she who would bring Man to their knees in surrender. Man underestimated her power and anger and would suffer the consequences.

Man noticed that three of the four elements were striking back so they decided to attack the fourth thinking that that element would be the weakest. They attacked with all the remaining power of those who still defied the gods. 

The battle that ensued was a brutal and bloody one…

One thousand years it lasted with both sides taking heavy damages. The humans were merciless in their destruction of Earth: they polluted the air and the water with mechanical inventions, they tore up the Earth looking for riches to satisfy their immense greed, and they murdered millions of animals and plants in their thirst for revenge. Earth, once a vibrant, healthy, and thriving place was now a wasteland of mechanical destruction and wasted blood.

The Elements showed a likeminded indulgence for utter destruction and revenge. They manipulated their elements to destroy millions of human lives by not allowing the earth to grow food for months, even years, at a time, and they similarly denied the clouds to release any fresh water for the humans. The Elements also invented new ways to seek revenge in response to the human’s technological inventions. Many new diseases were introduced through contaminated food and water sources. Since land symbolized power Earth decided to bury herself under Water’s protective element so the decrease in possession of land caused the humans fight amongst themselves for the remaining land and wealth.

Finally, with both sides equally destitute and weak, the Elements and Man called for a halt in their attacks to see if they could find a peaceful end to the War. Conditions and terms were discussed, arguments were frequent, and tempers flared. Two weeks went by with both sides putting forth their own terms which were then consequently turned down by the other side. Until one night, when the Elements and Man were close to renewing the War between them, a young human girl child named Lilith came forward with a plan to end the thousand year war. 

Lilith would give herself over to the Elements as a hostage and the Elements would protect her and care for her the rest of eternity if Man promised to take better care of the Earth and show respect for the other Elements. Knowing that this young, innocent, and humble girl would be at the mercy of the mighty Elements Man agreed to this proposal and promised to cherish their home and would not take anything for granted ever again.

So that night the Elements took Lilith and brought her to their home high in the heavens above the earth and fell in love with her innocence and her beauty. Man started to live up to their promise and a few hundred years later they had the earth returned to its original beauty before they had polluted its waters and destroyed Nature itself. 

To this day Lilith still lives above the Earth watching her fellow Man grow and die and live among the Elements with mutual respect and love…

The Beginning

Look, I don’t exactly know how it came to this point or why things turned out the way they did. All I know is that it did happen and it’s become my sole purpose – or burden – to tell you what the six of us went through and why some of us survived and the others…did not. Why this whole mess had to happen to us I will never understand. Every day I blame those responsible for allowing it to go on when they knew of the consequences the whole time we were locked up in that…place. Every waking moment of my life I keep wishing that what went on was part of another person’s past instead of mine; but we were the lucky – or I should say the unlucky – ones who were chosen for this inhumane experiment.

You may be thinking this story is just a joke or part of a string of e-mails sent to you by a superstitious friend, but what I am about to tell you actually occurred. I cannot give you any names or the exact date of when this happened mostly because I myself am unsure of when we were chosen to take part in this whole thing. I don’t even know if the names I was told were the real names of my comrades or an assumed alias so the person’s true identity could not be traced by those who took us against our will. Besides, a different name may have allowed them to escape from their real self, as if everything that had gone on was something that had occurred in someone else’s life and not their own.

Anyways, like I was saying. This story is not a joke. I am a real person writing a real event that happened to real people. The things I am about to tell you are so horrendous and so shocking that they can be nothing but the truth. Now go find a comfortable space in which to read for this story is a long and arduous one and it may just one day end up saving your life…

Editing Progress #18

Horror Novel:

  • Word count = 63, 039 (2, 998 words added)
  • Pages = 178 (9 pages added)
  • Chapter 11 = written and edited! (3, 008 words and 8 pages)

Two more chapters to write and edit. I’ve managed to write and edit chapter’s 10 and 11 in a day so I’m hoping to do the same for 12 and 13. I also chopped chapter 10 in half (14 pages was too long) and brought up my total number of chapters to 30.

Word count goal is still 70k or higher and I’m only 6, 961 words away from that goal. 6, 961 words should equal two more chapters.

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Editing Progress #17

Horror Novel:

  • Word count = 60, 041 (2, 377 words added)
  • Pages = 169 (6 pages added)
  • Chapter 10: written and edited; 5, 517 words overall; 14 pages double-spaced!

There’s one chapter done, only three more to go! Look at that word count. It’s so beautiful!

I’m hoping to start and finish Chapter 11 tonight. It’s a bit ambitious but hey, I think I can do it.

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Every Minute Counts

It was over. It seemed to last for just an instant, yet it was the best he ever had. And what made it all worth it was that her husband was expected to be home soon and he had finished just in time. 

She lay on the bed, not bothering to move after that satisfying intimate encounter. He smiled to himself. She would need a few hours to recover from that.

However, he could not dwell on what was now in the past, exciting as it was. He had to hurry or else their little fling would come to an abrupt end. 

He would not have hurried if he knew her husband was a coward. He could have taken the husband if he was, but he wasn’t. It turned out that her husband was the instructor for a pro-wrestler. He did not want to be here when that man came in the door.

The man put on his suit jacket and shiny black shoes. The woman sighed a goodbye and he grunted his. Once downstairs he fished for his car keys in his pants pocket but came up with nothing. He shrugged and checked the other pocket. Nothing there either. The front inside pocket also came up empty. 

No need to panic, he thought. They have to be here somewhere. He checked the kitchen. The room did not yield any results either. The bedroom was unresponsive as well considering the many outcries which had gone on just before.

Now he was starting to panic. Where could they be? He wondered. He knew he put them somewhere close by so he would be able to have a quick getaway if time was running short. Yet, they were nowhere to be found.

The dining room. Nothing. Living room, study, garage all came up with nothing. Time was running out, her husband would be home soon, and he was an hour away from home so it was not a good idea to walk. He could not run fast if her husband caught on and decided to run after him for a nice little chat. He had to find those keys and fast.

He rummaged through the sheets, the jackets in the hallway closet with no success. His keys were nowhere to be found. Sighing in defeat he resolved to call a cab. He grabbed his trench coat and reluctantly put it on. Sighing again he put his hands in his coat pockets and was just about to head out the back door when his fingers struck against the jagged edges of metal. He had found his car keys and with not a moment to lose. He heard the sound of a car’s motor in the front driveway. Her husband was home. 

The man quit the house out the back and managed to get the door closed without a sound when her husband walked in the front door.

Her husband loosened his tie and dropped his car keys on the kitchen table. His wife must be upstairs, he thought. The poor thing, she must be tired after a long day’s work. He went upstairs with the roses he bought from the flower shop down the street to give her some solace from her tough day. He was about to reach down to hug her small frame, which was propped up in bed with a pillow, when an unfamiliar piece of cloth that was hanging from the bed post caught his eye.

Her lover had forgotten his tie.

Editing Progress #16

Horror Novel:

  • Word count = 57, 664 (1,897 words added)
  • Pages = 163 (4 pages added)
  • Editing Chapter = 10 (well, I’m really writing a whole new chapter then editing it)

Nearly done with chapter 10 then I will edit it and move on to chapter’s 11-13.

70k here I come!

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